Troon Pacific, Inc. is a renowned and successful
international development company headquartered in
San Francisco, California. We maintain affiliated
company offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Oslo, Norway.

Our owned companies  and management teams have been praised worldwide for the quality of their developments, reputation for understanding the needs of communities, and creativity in achieving financially successful projects under strict government regulation, difficult political environments, concerned citizen groups, and sensitive environmental conditions. We’ve achieved all of this while earning the cooperation and respect of the communities around us.

Our extensive development and management background encompasses many types of projects both domestically and internationally, including:

  • Single family residential
  • Management of office and retail investment properties
  • Master-planned communities
  • Historic restoration
  • Technology campuses

The team’s broad range of experience and management translates to extraordinary vision, integrity, development expertise, financial acumen, and unparalleled flexibility to meet the objectives of our projects, occupants, and investment partners.

We’re proud to have earned distinguished recognition along with our affiliated companies for various projects throughout the U.S. These include numerous LEED Platinum residences, some of which are the highest-rated green projects in the nation. The Arizona Governor’s office has recognized Desert Troon for efforts in preserving prehistoric Native American archaeological sites. In addition, the Historical Society in San Diego has also recognized Desert Troon for the quality and sensitivity of the historic renovation of 464 Prospect in La Jolla, California, and the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System  for their development sensitivity.

Troon Pacific, Inc.’s portfolio of owned companies currently manages investments and development projects with stabilized values in excess of $800 million.