Designed to Inspire

Beyond their timeless, modern elegance and environmental integrity, our homes are built with a commitment to quality, design and healthy living. Troon Pacific builds ultra-performance homes that harness the power of technology to make living spaces beautiful, functional, and sustainable. Troon Pacific homeowners are leading the way toward a more viable future, one that is inspirational, aspirational and responsible.

In Every Troon Pacific Home

Every Troon Pacific home reaches for the highest standard of aesthetic integrity, innovation, and wellness. We focus on the entire experience within a living environment. Air, light, luxury features, sustainable materials, and cutting-edge construction combine to create a distinctive home. Our portfolio represents the promise and possibility of development done right.

Design | Technology

A Troon Pacific home envisions the future. From the play of light throughout our homes to cantilevered staircases to personalized touches like gas lanterns, luxury amenities, and seamless integration of technology, we plan for modern living and timeless aesthetics. We integrate conservation of natural resources and wellness into our design, and consider each home as an interconnected and comprehensive system designed for optimal living, one that evolves with experience.

Health | Wellness

Filtration systems for purified air and water provide peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing. Biophilic designs bridging indoor and outdoor spaces create harmony with the surrounding environment. Troon’s interventions in urban contexts open up new possibilities for city-dwellers seeking homes that foreground health, wellness and effortless living.

Materials | Purpose

Using an abundance of natural lighting, biometric security, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, shielded wiring, natural materials, and thoughtful sound attenuation measures are some aspects of today’s ecologically sensitive, high-performance home. Troon Pacific reimagines, redesigns, and recreates these essential functions to keep your home performing like a finely tuned, energy efficient machine that provides piece of mind.

Vision | Experience

With experience comes vision – we know how to reimagine and implement design for modern living – rethinking floor plans, adding view corridors, utilizing timeless design and innovation. Thoughtfully – placed windows, open floor plans, optimized outdoor space and one of a kind amenities can turn a beautiful home into a dream home. Troon Pacific homes are located in premier Bay Area locations, maximizing light and sight day and night.

Home Features

Troon Pacific builds homes in the most desirable neighborhoods of first class, primary urban settings, like San Francisco. Our elevated living environments cater to discerning homeowners from California and around the world with views, accessibility, quality, and history.

Troon Pacific Labs

Troon Pacific is inspired by a vision for high-performance homes. Troon Pacific Labs is our way of imagining the future and sharing our passion for innovations in living environments.

We are constantly seeking and finding new opportunities to push the limits of what home design, construction, and sustainability can be. Through innovative ideas and experimentation, we are working to push sustainability and wellness to the highest levels.

Clean Air
Troon Pacific improves indoor air quality by installing ventilation systems such as Zehnder Home Ventilation Systems, which maintain a continuous supply of filtered outdoor air, allowing stale air to exit the building, and preventing toxins from accumulating, while expending very little energy.

Natural Insulation
Whenever possible, Troon Pacific is committed to using natural insulation materials (such as cellulose, mineral wool, silica, cork, and agrifiber), which are often equally effective as more commonly used products that contain harmful chemical flame retardants.

Clean Water
Using an entirely natural filtration method consisting of fine rocks and minerals, we strive to provide homeowners with the healthiest water in our projects. Water accounts for over two-thirds of the human body. It is the source of life through which our body’s cells and mechanics function.

Healthy Materials
In cooperation with Troon Pacific, Moore & Giles has developed the world’s first Declare labeled leather. Aspen leather is created through a 100% organic and biodegradable production process. The product is Red List Free and has received Cradle 2 Cradle certification.