San Francisco

Vision for The Future

The Troon Pacific vision is to focus on building toward the future of housing, a future that is environmentally conscious, wellness-focused, and characterized by uncompromising design and execution.


Troon Pacific and its affiliates buy, invest in, modernize, and redevelop homes in the highest valued neighborhoods of primary urban environments like San Francisco. This stable asset class helps investors for whom we build homes to diversify and enhance their portfolios.

To us, a Troon Pacific home is an investment with an impact — on the well-being of its residents, on the natural world around it, and on development practices that prioritize conservation and reuse.

As we work toward a world in which environmentally conscious, wellness-focused, and thoughtfully designed homes become more prevalent, we believe investing in real estate and meaningful environmental benefits are not mutually exclusive.

San Francisco


With more than 20 years of direct experience in ultra-luxury real estate development, Troon Pacific has refined its approach and created a distinct market niche.

Sustainability and wellness are the differentiators that have powered the vision for Troon Pacific homes.

San Francisco